Frequently Asked Questions

How the Community Supported Agriculture, CSA Sign-up Works

There are two possible shares: Vegetable or Fruit with various sizes.  Please see freshness farms website for more details.  You sign-up for a subscription of fruit and/or vegetables Shares, with the delivery frequency of weekly, every other week or Monthly.  You pay for 4 non-refundable deliveries in advance of delivery.  Your 4 deliveries will end in 4 weeks with a weekly delivery, it will end in 8 weeks with an every other week delivery.  Once your 4 Shares have been delivered, your shares will automatically renew on that Friday at 6 a.m.. There is no need for you to place a new order, to continue. 

Coming Back

Welcome Back.  Contact us so we can reactivate your previous shares, this way you can have your history in one place.  You may also order a new share on line.  Unfortunately, the system will not allow for you to reactivate your previous share from your dashboard.

Day of Delivery

Depending on your delivery location Freshness Farms decides your delivery day.

Food Preferences

From your member dashboard select Change Contact Information and Mailing address.  At the bottom of the page there is a selection for "Packing Note".   Please Write: YES: for what you would like to receive more of and NO: for what you do not wish to receive.

Reusable Bags (Not being used during COVID19)

Changing my Share Size

You can change your share size at any point during your deliveries from your dashboard.  The system will automatically credit or debit your account based on the change.

Ordering an Add-On to your Share

If you require an Add-On to be added to your share, please order the Add-On by Friday @ 6 a.m. of the previous delivery week.  This will ensure you will receive your Add-On item when expected.

Putting Shares on Hold

It is easy to manage your account online. If you are going out of town and want to skip your delivery, you can put a future box on hold by going to your account and clicking on the calendar day you wish to hold. All holds must be placed no later than Friday 6 a.m. of the previous week.   Unfortunately, last-minute cancellations cannot be accepted.  We can donate your share or you can have a friend or neighbor pick up your share.

Canceling Shares or Add-Ons

It is best to cancel your Shares and Add-Ons after all deliveries have been made, before Friday at 6 a.m.  You can do this from your dashboard.  While changing the size of your shares can be automatically credited/debited from your account, unfortunately canceling Shares or Add-Ons can not automatically be credited to your account, so they are non refundable.  The credits will stay on your account however, and you can reactivate an Add-On or a Share at any future time and still use the credit.