Family Vegetable Share

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A seasonal abundance of vegetables picked and delivered fresh to you. A minimum of 4 weeks is required for new members.

Full Vegetable - auto-renews $31.97 Price:
Half Vegetable - auto-renews $25.97 Price:
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Both Half and Full Vegetable Shares include 8 different local organically grown Vegetables such as a bunch of super sweet carrots, savory golden beets, crisp baby lettuces, juicy cucumbers and more. If the Full Share has 6 Cucumbers, the Half Share may have 3 Cucumbers. If the Full Share has one bunch of Beets, the Half Share may have half a bunch of beets. Produce items such as Fennel or lettuce that will not be halved and will be provided for both shares.

Choose the size and delivery frequency from the selections above.

New customers, when you purchase the 4 week trial option, you will conveniently be charged every 4 weeks thereafter for continuance. You can turn off Auto Billing on your end or contact us if you do not prefer auto-billing. The 2 week delivery option is for returning customers only.

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